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According to EU law, a manufacturer has to repair or replace a faulty good free of charge for a minimum of the first two years. If they can’t offer that, they need to give you a full or partial refund. READ NEXT: O2’s free screen replacement isn’t as great as it seems Difficulties arise around certain warranty issues. In the UK, as well as in Europe, a manufacturer does reserve the right to refuse a repair if it believes the warranty has been voided. Many manufacturers will still repair an item if there is a known fault with the product, or if the third-party repair – which voided the warranty – had no bearing on the fault in question. For instance, if your iPhone screen cracks and you get it repaired, only to find that a month or two later the headphone port stops working, Apple will fix it. If you get the screen replaced by a third party and then discover that the backlight no longer works, Apple won’t touch it. If a manufacturer won’t touch your device because it’s out of warranty, but you know the fault is through no fault of your own, you can still invoke your statutory rights under the Sale of Goods Act. This means you can go to directly to the seller you bought your device from and request a refund or replacement from them.

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