Some Simple Guidelines For Key Aspects In Shopping Sites

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The TOM TAILOR brand is marketed through the retail and wholesale segments, and thus through single-label stores as well as wholesale partners. At the end of 2016, these comprised 472 TOM TAILOR stores and 205 franchise stores, 3,050 shop-in-shops and around 8,400 multi-label points of sale. The brand is present in more than 35 countries. BONITA has 950 retail stores as well as 50 shop-in-shop spaces. The collections of both brands are also available through their respective online shops. Further information is also available at and About Kids Fashion Group GmbH & Co KG Kids Fashion Group GmbH & Co. KG, based in Pliezhausen, Germany, is a global acting company specialized in the production and distribution of children's fashion. The company's multiband concept includes 14 of the most popular children's fashion brands, some of which are part of the company and some of which are licensed (e.g., Marc O'Polo Junior, Steiff Collection). KidsFashion Group GmbH & Co. KG has production facilities in Turkey and Asia, as well as a worldwide sales network with a focus on Europe.

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